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International Standards
Design, Fabrication & Testing as per internationally recognized codes and standards.
Products & Services
Seiris offers a wide range of services from the design assistance to the complete erection of expansion joints.
Quality Control
Inspection & Testing plans according to our clients most specific requirements.
Fabric, Metal, Rubber
No matter what the application is, SEIRIS will find the suitable solution for you.
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You will always be the most Welcome to visit us at our headquarters in Le Coudray Montceaux located 30 minutes from Paris city center.

About Our Company

In March 1978, Mr Jean Louis Marcillac and Mr Robert Ramon founded SEIRIS company using their chemical engineering background as well as their communication and sales skills. They started making their first FABRIC expansion joint based on their knowledge of technical textiles. In close collaboration with their clients, they quickly developed a wide range of compositions suitable for each new application and became soon reputable actors in the French heavy industries.

The company reinforced its leadership in the market when Mr Bertrand Imbach, a young student in business school joined the team in 1992 and answered “ Yes sure ! ” for the first time to a client asking “Could you please also send me your offer for the installation of these expansion joints ? ”.

Since then, adding practice to knowledge, SEIRIS passed the borders, learnt about METALLIC and RUBBER expansion joints technologies and now offers the 3 types to its clients, not only in France but globally and always proposing custom made solutions.


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